Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hi there, everybody.

It's. Uh. It's Sept again.



We - well, Tom got mad at me for posting on her blog so I decided t - to make my own.


It's nice, isn't it?

I made the layout myself. I don't know where the image is from, I googled 'cupcake' and - and this one showed up and...


Well, I'm at Tom's now. I - I brought a little kitty with me (her name is Schrodinger. Y - you know, like the paradox? i'msorryiknowit'snotfunny) and Tom. Well. She. She. Well. The little kitty is safe, and that's what matters. She's in the living room and I - I don't think Tom knows about her, so please don't say anything?


I'm going to go lay down for a bit, I think. My - my head still hurts a bit after Tom hit me with that salami, and - and I didn't want to hurt her because I'm sure she didn't mean it and I was just so scared and angry be - because she hurt Shrody and I just want to keep the poor kitty safe after I found her under the van and - and ran over her tail (befo - before it went missing, that is.) and now it's kind of bent and black but she has the prettiest blue eyes and I love her.


  1. Wow, Sept, you're so sweet. What's a girl like you doing with a girl like Tom?

  2. Hi Sept. Um. Will you be coming with Tom to see us soon, then? she really so angry in real life? ._.

    You seem nice! We could be friends!

    Peace and Love,